Alternativ content propertys in Expression Blend

Look at the Header
Look at the <>Header

Did you ever noticed that there a way in expression blend to directly edit a second content property of a element which is not the default content and without using a resource? Yep, look at the “<> Header”, there could be placed the second content.

WPF per default provides some of this controls. In example MenuItem,HeaderedContentControl,BulletDecorator … So ive started to find out how to create such a property by myself. After some time of searching ive saw only the way to use Reflector to figure out why Expression Blend exposes this properts.

And the answer is not nice. The hardcoded this behavior into Blend for every control which exposes such a property.

I couldnt belive it, there must be a common way to do it, so ive decided to write a feature request to Microsoft Connect for exposing a common way to expose such a property from my custom code (my first report to Microsoft Connect).

And here is it:

My expectation was that this would be a long time open, but it was not. It was closed at the same day ive reported it and with the information i want to hear 🙂

Thanks for the feedback- in the next version of Expression Blend we will be adding a new attribute which will allow additional content properties on controls’ Look for ‘AlternateContentPropertyAttribute’ in the next version of the extensibility APIs.

I am looking forward to the next Blend release.

Update: Here is a link how this feature look like in the next Blend version.