Layout tables torn me away

As i read this post i was torn away of it.

No i am not a fan of layout tables and my overall goal is it to avoid them where it is possible. But i think the real problem is not that layout tables are bad (they are) rather that you need a lot more time to archive the same result in CSS as you need with layout tables. And there are a lot of pain on the way if you not have the wisdom of all the CSS hacks you need to be done.

For me as someone who loves clean html it is often very hard because i dose not often have the chance to work on web applications.

But i am looking forward to the new Internet Explorrer 8 which hopefulle will smoth down the entry fight and made the work with CSS less painfull.

Sidenote – I nerve believed to here this from Microsoft:

We also believe IE8 RC1 has the most complete implementation of the CSS 2.1 specification in the industry.

You can read the entry story and this post if the IE Team Blog.