I am a team member of the NHaml project

Haml project logo

In fact i am joined for a while now, but i blog about it first now. You take the question what is NHaml? NHaml is a .Net port of the excellent Ruby Haml which is a HTML/Xml DSL ported by Andrew Peters which also provides a ASP.Net ViewEngine.  You could read more on his blog.

I really like the simplicity and cleanness templates of haml and i see a lot potential there, so my first step was to refactor NHaml to allow alternative TemplateCompiles instead of C#. While i dose this, ill added a Boo TemplateCompiler and Andrew later a IronRuby Template compiler. Since a few days now boo has also a Sample MVC Application which demonstrates how it work.

But there is a lot of more work to do, i added some of my ideas to the bugtracker of NHaml and hope to get all done. The next major steps are to provide all Haml 2.0 language features like filters and alligators. For later i also plan to add an working MonoRail ViewEngine.

Sergio Pereira hase made a nice overview of the benefits NHaml can give us.