Howto enable Google Gears in Mozilla Prism

Update: Here is an post how to get it to work with the lasted Gears.

Mozilla Prism is a Add-On for Firefox or a standalone application with enable you to use web applications like Remember The Milk or Google Reader as desktop application. For this types of application it make sence to have offline support from Google Gears. But Google Gears dose not support Prism yet. With this post i will discribe how to enable although.

First you need to allow Prism to load the addon.

Open “C:program filesGoogleGoogle GearsFirefoxinstall.rdf” and insert the following code directly under the last </em:targetApplication> tag.

<!-- Prism -->

Save the file and go to your windows profile directory. For vista this is “C:Users{username}”. Then enbale windows to show all hidden and system files. From there go to “AppDataRoamingPrism{Application name}Profiles{random chars}.defaultextensions”. The {} parts are different on any system and must be replaced by you.

In example for a Remember The Milk application on windows vista this is:

"C:UsersBill GatesAppDataRoamingPrismRemember The MilkProfiles123abcd.defaultextensions"

In this folder you now simply create a text file where you place only the path to the Google Gears Firefox extension in. It seems the the file name is unimportant.

In example for me the file is named “google_gears” and it contains “C:Program FilesGoogleGoogle GearsFirefox”.

That should it be, but on my system i only works if i installed a second extenions direct aside.

For this you could use in allready installed firefox extension (in example Stylish). Simply go to your firefox profile extension folder and copy the folder of your extension to the same folder where you place the “google_gears” file.